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The Ardly Effect

The Ardly Effect - Mitis Green (Humorous Science Fiction, approx 208 pages)

Quick summary
The first book in the Two Moons trilogy.
Inhabitants of two moons orbiting a gas giant realise they have a common past. Their search for their roots reveals more than they had bargained for and the truth they find 'out there' illuminates a side to human nature that is probably best left in the dark.

The Ardly Effect Reviews
"... This book is worth getting for the first chapter alone. ... The one thing I would really like to say though is Mitis Green brings a refreshing, dangerously funny novel to a familiar pitch. Funny it is, I was laughing out loud just reading the first chapter. There are no long set-ups for the jokes and the humour, it just comes thick and fast. The characters are a wealth of humour with out being one-dimensional.  There is true depth to all aspects of this book and at times it can be quite poignant and thought-provoking. There are similarities to the TV series 'Red Dwarf'. The ships computer is 'intelligent' and becomes sentient and there is a character that is very analogous in many respects to that of Rimmer. I think this familiarity, though, is not so much a distraction as a benefit as Green appends his own style and spin to make it sufficiently different.
Even if you're not a huge fan of Science Fiction, you'll find a lot to enjoy from this book. The characters are a joy to read and that first chapter just has to be read. The book is full of little surprises and some of the reveals are truly entertaining. I don't want to talk too much about the plot because I think it should be saved for when you read this book.
... For a first novel, this is a remarkable debut. Green has plenty of material for the follow on books and could quite happily do a prequel as well. I really hope people will read this book and it provided me with so much enjoyment. One of the best books I've read in a long time." Phil Jones

"I wasn't sure what to expect when I picked up this book. I'd never read anything my Mitis Green before, but the title sounded like the sort of fiction I enjoy. What I didn't expect was a wonderful page turner laced with laugh-out-loud humour. I really enjoyed this book ... and will be looking out for the future two episodes ... read this book, you'll enjoy it." Ian Redman Editor - Jupiter Magazine

"After my poor disappointed eyes had been dragged across the pages of so many best-sellers, this unknown gem is a delightful must read. Any lover of lateral thinking, British sense of humour and sheer page-turning adventure will love this book.
Warning: don't read it on the bus or tube unless you like being the centre of attraction as you gasp and laugh out loud.
Any SF reader will have to add this book to their collection."
Geoff Nelder Author & Editor for

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The Ardly Effect Cover Art
The cover - used for the Kindle and on the forthcoming audio version (and slowly being rolled out to the paperback) - is by the brilliant Brian Christensen. You can see more of his work here.
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